Julia Weldon

Hey, do you have physical CDs for sale anywhere or just the digital downloads?

Julia Weldon responded on 07/01/2015

Hi again Mary,

I have an update. The album IS available through CDBABY thanks to you alerting me there was a problem :)

This link should work or you can just search CDBaby.com to purchase a physical copy of Light Is a Ghost online - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/juliaweldon2


Hi Mary!

Sorry for the delay. I DO have physical CDs and they should be available on CDBaby but it appears that it's not the easiest to find LIGHT IS A GHOST so I'm calling them right now.

How many CDs would you like? I'd love to send you the album / albums directly via mail if you want!

Please feel free to let me know how many and what your address is if you want me to mail. I can accept payment via Paypal, Venmo, or Chase Quickpay!

I'm so excited for you to have a physical copy. Thanks for reaching out!

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